Birds On The Verge.

Several Species Of Birds Around The World Found To Be In Population Decline!


An alarming trend in the world of birding and conservation is that one quarter of the bird species worldwide have had their threat categories increased! This means that of the roughly 200 bird species that are regularly observed, about 25 different species have been moved closer to the label of extinct. While this process takes time and to the casual observer bird numbers may not be changing in perceivable ways, in some places the results are quite critical.

World wide so of the bird species that have been moved to a more threatened level than they enjoyed previously include:

  • Kittiwake
  • Atlantic Puffin
  • Cape Gannets
  • Antipodean Albatross
  • European Turtle Dove
  • Snowy Owl
  • Yellow-breasted Bunting

This is a global trend, both in geography and species.

These birds are not all from one area, which would signal a localized issue that would be causing the stress, but are spread out over North America, Europe and Asia. This is a global issue that include factors as climate change, habitat loss, rising ocean temperatures, and loss of food sources. Several birds in population declines can be attributed to over fishing and rising water temperatures which are affecting the fish food sources that many seabirds depend on.

Conservation is key to species recovery.

While not all the new is bleak in the world of birds. Several conservation efforts are doing well and seeing an increase of populations in previously threated species such as Kiwi in New Zealand and The Dalmatian Pelican in Europe. It is clear with proper education and conservation efforts, we as people can reverse the damage we are causing in ways that allow some species to rebound from population losses.

As globally we being to see and quantify animal species that are in trouble and need of help, we must have systems to step in and try and reverse the situation. This is why we watch things like bird populations, they help to signal to us that things in their environment, which by the way is our environment too, are getting to an unbalanced state.

What is your view on conservation? Do you have areas that you participate in? How do you think we as people can best serve animal species in at risk states around the world?