About Steve

So here it goes, the things that you might think are important … no wait, uh, interesting about … no that’s not it either … ok here are some facts about me;

I have just crossed over into my 40’s … and it feels like the fun is just beginning!

I am married to a women (I am a man) who I love more passionately than when I was dating or first married to her.

I am a father to three, two sons and a daughter, who will by God’s grace grow to love Jesus Christ more and more.

I am eternally thankful for those last two points, and I do not tell my wife and kids that enough.

I am always thinking about something, even in my down time I am reading, writing, learning … not much time is spend mindlessly doing anything!

I love driving, and on gravel back roads sometimes I wish I was a rally car driver.

I grew up on a farm … and even if I did not like it then, it was good for me!

I was a pastor … I love Jesus Christ and hope and pray that others do too.

I need a place to let the thoughts and experiences out of my head … this is that place.