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music.001Lately I have been pondering on the music industry and the power to change thinking in society they have. Couple that with the reality of being a pastor and as I listen to songs, I hear theology. Not necessarily theology I agree with, or even theology that the Bible agrees with, but it is theology none the less.

Artists sing the songs, they give it their all … most for the potential pay check that is coming, but sometimes it would seem to me they are making a statement about God, and the way they understand things.

In this series I hope to unpack the theology that artist share over the radio waves, the teachings that millions of people hear and then through repetition of hearing the song, get cemented into our heads and hearts. I hope to point to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the truth of Scripture and the nature of God whenever and where ever possible.

A troubadour was a composer and/or performer in the Middle Ages, they created music that was informational, story telling in nature. Theology is a systematic and rational study of God, and of the nature of religious truth. Put them together and we have songs that inform us of God … but the question is “Do they get it Biblically right?” That is the question I want to draw attention to!

As guidelines, I am going to look at #1 hits for at least one week on the Billboard charts, or songs that win Grammies. And then only songs that seem to be sharing a message about Jesus, God, faith, or an area the Bible clearly speaks to.

If you know of a song that fits the above criteria … please feel free to make suggestions!