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As a pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance much time is spent working through the distinctive logo and the meaning that comes with each symbol found with in that logo. A.B. Simpson our founder was a proponent of a four-part understanding of the work of Christ, which became the Four Fold Gospel.

The fourth and final part of the logo is Jesus as our Coming King as symbolized by the crown. This is to remind us on the return of Jesus Christ as the King of Kings, as well as the victorious reward of those who will share in the glory of Christ.

A.B. Simpson himself gave a list in “The Fourfold Gospel” of what we should be doing as Christians:

1. Let us be ready. The Bible is very clear that believers in Christ are to be prepared for Him to return, both as the Bridegroom and the King and Judge of all creation. In Revelation 19:7-8 we are told to be in fine clean linen, spiritually purified, ready for our Lord to return!

2.Let us be watching. Revelation 16:15 tells us that Christ will come as a thief in the night does, with no warning. So we need to keep our focus on that which glorifies God, and watch for the return of our Saviour.

3. Be faithful. We are called to hold on to that which Christ Jesus has given us. As we wait for Him to return, hold on to faith!

4. Be diligent. As we prepare, and watch faithfully, we can be diligently on mission. The bride of Christ, the church needs to be prepared. The world needs to hear the voice of the prophet calling out the truth of Jesus Christ. We need to be, we must be diligent to that which Christ has laid out for us to do!

Jesus is our Coming King!