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As a pastor with the Christian and Missionary Alliance much time is spent working through the distinctive logo and the meaning that comes with each symbol found with in that logo. A.B. Simpson our founder was a proponent of a four-part understanding of the work of Christ, which became the Four Fold Gospel.

The third part of the logo is Jesus as our Healer as shown by the pitcher of oil. The pitcher symbolizes the power of the Holy Spirit and the provision of anointing for healing. The reality is that Jesus knows all about our bodies … He has one himself! Psalm 139 tells us that God created us and placed us in our mother’s womb and that He knows all about us. God knows our bodies better than any doctor or scientist. God created us, and it is God who heals us.

James 5:14-16 outlines for us a way that we are to seek healing. We are taught that we need to go to the pastors and the elders of the church and ask them to anoint us with oil, and to pray for us. The elders are to put a little oil on the forehead, then they pray for that individual and for healing. We can also pray regularly for healing in our private lives or with our friends and families. But the Bible is very clear that we are pray for one another so that we can have healing in our lives.

A couple of things are important in the act of prayer for healing. The first is that we have faith. We have to belive that Jesus can actually heal us. Before Jesus would heal people He often asked if they believed that He could heal them.  Matthew 9:22 and 9:28 show us asking that very question as well as Jesus telling one person that it was their faith that healed them! We must believe that Jesus can heal us! The second aspect that is important is that we need to be sure that we are clean and free from sin. Jesus placed the emphasis on forgiving people of their sins before He healed them. The spiritual health was more important than the physical health to Jesus.

Now being sure of our faith for healing and cleansed of our sins are not always a sure-fire way to secure healing. Jesus may give a variety of answer to the prayer for healing. It can be a miraculous healing, it can be a slower and more natural healing as the body that God created does the work that he set into motion, or at times, the answer may be to not heal. It is in those times when the answer to the prayer is not for us to be healed that we need to hold onto the fact that in heaven we will be given new bodies, healed and healthy bodies! God will give us perfect healed bodies, possibly in this world, but most certainly in heaven. Jesus is our healer, do you belive that?