Yes it is that time … time to dust off this blog, give it a new purpose and restart.

Many things have changed since the last post:

  1. I went from a large church as the Associate pastor to a smaller church as the only pastor.
  2. My family and I moved over 1000km’s away.
  3. Our house that we own is now a long way away from the place that we are trying to live.
  4. We went from a retirement community to a place that is full of people and families under the age of 40.
  5. My wife wants to join the blog world too.

So in light of these realities, the blog begins again with a few new purposes:

  • To share information and teaching of the Christian faith with those who desire to be encouraged and challenged in their faith.
  • To help both my wife and I am process the changing realities that we are living in now.
  • To help both of us to articulate and refine our communication of theology and Biblical truth as we grow into the new role that Jesus has called us into.

So with that, we start again, Teresa and I hope to bless you with the content that we will post here, stay tuned for more in the future!