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I found this little blurb in a booklet from Canadian Foodgrains Bank … it made me think, I hope it makes you think too!

Essential nutrients – especially the important minerals we seek on labels – come from soil. Plant roots take up a variety of elements and compounds from the soil to become the food we put on our plates or feed our animals. Ideally, these nutrients would all return to the soil, but urban areas often are not well organized to do this. Farming, like managing a bank account, requires dedication to maintaining a balance of nutrients in the soil. But everyone is responsible for land stewardship. Urban communities could do much more to slow the overloading of nutrients into landfills, lakes and rivers by returning nutrients to their proper place. The soil, a place where great mysteries still dwell, is our resource for nourishment, so we must nourish and care for it in return.

Small Change? Practise composting in your household; discuss with neighbours of friends ways to create or improve community composting.

*** Roughly 60% of all materials disposed of in landfills could be composted. In Canada more than 6 million tonnes of organic material is lost to landfills each year!***