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Treasures On The Journey

*** Originally posted April 22, 2011

As a Christian I have always been fond of the Ichthys (simply meaning fish in Greek), the so-called “Christian Fish”. You see it every where; on cars, on necklaces, on shirts and pretty much anywhere else that a Christian can stick or wear it. This idea of displaying the Ichthys so the world can see it, is actually the entire reason that this very old and very loved symbol came into existence.

In the 1st and 2nd centuries it was used to communicate non-verbally that you were a Christian. The reason for this was the persecution that the Christians of the day were under. The emperors, most notably Nero in 54-68 AD, were particularly brutal to the Christian community. It is widely believed that both Paul and Peter were possibly killed under the reign of Nero! So trying to publically meet Christians was a little tricky to say the least.


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