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What with the transition out of one job on Feb 29th and starting a new one on April 1, things were a little wacky this month (and will be for a while!), so much of what was routine got thrown out the window! I really did not get much reading done, and basically held steady on the weight loss (actually drifted up then down and back up … so many invites out for dinner … so much good food!). But the reality is February is complete … this is where I am at so far!

Weight Loss Goal … Drop 50 pounds in 2012

I started at 251 … I am now at 249 … later today the bikes are getting a tune up and the elliptical is getting dusted off … and I think I am being challenged to a skipping contest by my daughter (I must not lose! But I likely will!)

Book Reading Goal … Read 50 books in 2012

This month:

  1. Revolution by George Barna
  2. It by Steve Groschel
  3. The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

If I can count meeting minutes and policy and procedure manuals I did great … not too worried about this one .. yet!