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I found this little blurb in a booklet from Canadian Foodgrains Bank … it made me think, I hope it makes you think too!

Technology is the name we give for human knowledge in action. It has advanced the cause of agriculture. Knowing the soil, how to control pests, use tools, plant seeds – these factor into the fruitfulness of efforts to produce food. But we seldom hear about traditional wisdom over the hype of scientific and technological advances. Globally, traditional and indigenous agricultural knowledge is vast and varied. But when we lose farmers, we also lose the knowledge they have of the land and the plants that grow there. Farmers collectively hold the keys to producing food for a given region, and it is women in particular, who often take a leading role in conserving and managing traditional crops and varieties in the developing world. Factors such as climate change have greatly increased their vulnerability. Support for female farmers protects jobs, but more importantly protects a community’s access to food.

Small Change? Find a farmer or gardener who knows about growing food. Spend so time with them working, listening and learning.

***Between 1991 and 2006 the number of farmers in Canada under the age of 35 years old decreased by over 60% and the number of farms declined by more than 70,000!