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I found this little blurb in a booklet from Canadian Foodgrains Bank … it made me think, I hope it makes you think too!

We have been keeping all kinds of animals for millennia, but how we do this has changed dramatically with the growth of population and cities in the last few decades. A lack of awareness about how animals are raised and what we feed them prevails, but global demand for meat is rising sharply. Animals play a special role in our food system, but heightened concern about disease and animal welfare has raised fears over how we keep and care for them. The average Canadian knows less and less about raising animals, but our per capita meat consumption keeps increasing. Now livestock owners are squeezed into tighter profit margins while keeping larger volumes of animals, leaving us to question how we can sustain the diets and foods we have come to enjoy. When God said “have dominion”, is this what was intended?

Small Change? Discuss with your household how to practise sustainable meat consumption and learn about where your meat comes from.

*** Nearly 40% of our global grain supply feeds animals, that amount of grain is equivalent to the annual calorie needs of more than 3.5 billion people!