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I found this little blurb in a booklet from Canadian Foodgrains Bank … it made me think, I hope it makes you think too!

From a single seed, each living thing grows into a unique creature, something new. Seeds store immeasurably diverse information which is not only wonderful, but essential. A stroll through a supermarket hints at the diversity we have in selecting our food. But is this an illusion? As it turns out, roughly 90% of the items contain one of two crops: corn and soybeans. More than half of human food needs are provided by just four crops – corn, wheat, rice and potatoes. Along with the benefits of the great success of certain breeds come the risk of losing a key principle: diversity. What if one of these crops is hit by a devastating disease? A varied menu not only looks great on a plate, it also protects us against hunger in the future. Diversity is essential to long-term health!

*** Only 10 companies now control over half of the commercial seed market worldwide worth more than $14 billion!