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I found this little blurb in a booklet from Canadian Foodgrains Bank … it made me think, I hope it makes you think too!

Food production takes lots of water, and in most countries agriculture uses the largest share. As it should. Canadians, however, use more fresh water in their homes than for agricultural purposes. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that a healthy supply of publicly available drinking water comes straight to our taps. Ironically, a third of us drink bottled water at home, often fearing the quality of our water source. It doesn’t make sense, considering how our abundant clean water is copiously wasted. This is a start contrast to the lack of water and access to this precious resource that farmers and others experience in many parts of the world. At a time when global demand for fresh water is rising, we get a failing grade to water conservation.

Small Change? calculate your weekly water consumption and decide with your household some ways to reduce it by 10%.

***Households in developing countries use an average of 119 liters per day while Canadian households see more than that go down the bathroom drain daily!

God, who separates land from oceans, lead us to the well of living water.