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This is our dog, Ringo. Most people are afraid of him, but we love him. When we were offered him we had no idea how much a part of the family he would become to our kids. A guy who knew a guy was getting rid of some puppies, and we got the runt, for free. A little black fluff ball that was super cute and cuddly … now he is a big not so fluffy yet he still tries to cuddle! Full on energy is a way to describe him, he is willful, stubborn, sometimes gross (see old post here), and he throws up in the van after about 20 minutes of driving.

We are moving … 16 hours according to Google maps away. My kids love this dog … if he throws up every 25-30 minutes for the drive, he will barf about 32-38 times … this could be a problem! Does anyone know if it is bad to tie a dog to the roof rack?