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Many of you have been following along and asking about the migraines … I still have them from time to time, they really are not much fun. Some of you also ask about the MRI … well the results are in … and it is a completely normal scan! Yes!

So to quote my doctor; “The stuff that is happening in my head … is normal.” If he only knew all the things going on in my head, I am sure that he would not say that! Anyway, my MRI scan came back with a total of three words on it, yes almost an hour in a very small tube, lots of noise, a cold fluid IV line, and I only got three words. TOTALLY NORMAL SCAN. I am really, really OK with only getting three words!

So this means I have to learn to cope with the cluster migraines that I suffer from. It is something that triggers them, but I can cross a tumor in my head off that list. Now starts the life long (?) process of trying to rule out the triggers, and understanding how my body reacts to different types of treatment.

Now that I am clear of the reality of a tumour … I am thining of the other 99 people. If I was a 1 in 100 chance to have a tumour, is not the next guy a 1 in 99 chance, and then a 1 in 98 and so on? I can rejoice that I am cleared and good to go, but I am thinking and praying for the 1. I do not know how my family and I would have reacted if my scan found something. I do not know what uncertainty would have entered out hearts and minds. I do not know what that turn in my health would have done to our future. So I think and pray for that one person who will have to deal with that reality.