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Yes this “little” friend did live in my house. She was found in the basement crawl space. I was showing my brother in law the place and he had just asked if there were many black widows around. “No”, was my answer. And then he noticed this beauty about 3 inches from his head!

Being the sort that I am, I quickly got a stick and brought the spider to the kitchen table for an inspection! Now just so you know the black widow is a poisonous spider that can actually cause some pain if they bite you. Lucky for me this one was busy biting the stick and trying to kill it, so she did not go after me! Anyway, onto the kitchen table and time for a photo op.

For the record the span of her legs would have easily covered a quarter … and no, she did not try to run and hide. She stood her ground and seemed ready to attack whatever she could. Needless to say, my brother in law is not so keen to go to the crawl space anymore when he visits!