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Recently my wife and I headed down to Seattle for a reunion with friends we had not seen for about 10 years. It was awesome! We picked right up where we had left off, loads of talking, walking, and eating … not a bad combo!

The pedometer claimed we walked about 10 miles every day, which I hear is pretty good, but we were walking from eatery to eatery. The creation above was found at the Chocolate Box … and man was it good.

I have never seen a Peanut Butter Mocha before … to be sure it was rich enough I added the whipped cream option … and it was like drinking a hot peanut butter chocolate smoothie … so good! And that little brownie? So good … and gluten-free … I did that for my wife and my friend’s wife, but actually really good, could not tell it from other brownies I have had in my life!

The only problem? I see two or three:

  1. It is too far away from our home …
  2. The rush from the chocolate was almost too much to handle at 10:30 at night!
  3. It might be awhile before we can get together with our friends again … and well the Chocolate box is “our place” now!

Super good little coffee shop/chocolate place … highly recommend it if you are in the area!