A Meal with Jesus, Tim Chester, Crossway, 201, 143 pages.

In his book, “A Meal with Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community, and Mission around the Table""“, Tim Chester weaves a fantastic book covering a specific topic of meals and faith. Yet at the same time covering a wide range of topics wrapped up in the context of meals and faith, all while looking at the meals in the Gospel of Luke that Jesus was part of. At first when I ordered this book I thought it would center in on the Communion meal of the Last Supper, boy am I happy that I was wrong.

Chester works through six different meals that Jesus had and unpacks a variety of topics for the reader to ponder. Things like grace, community, hope, mission, salvation and promise and how the meal is a spring board into each of them, and also a fantastic vehicle to share them with the world.

In the book Chester also challenges the reader on things, with questions on the way we use food, view food, the selection of the people at our tables (or not at our tables) and the use of meals in the context of ministry. This was great read, not a hard one, or a long one, but a book that challenged me afresh in every chapter!

Highly Recommend this book, it will challenge the way you think about, view and ultimately how you enjoy food and the people around the table at which you sit!