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Signs of faith, they are all around us. We see them many times and do not even notice them. A while back a fad swept through the Christian world … WWJD bracelets and they could be seen everywhere. Ever since then I have been more aware of the symbols that surround us … particularly the ones that point to a Christian world view.

I know the guy that has this tattoo pretty well. The praying hands are symbolic of so many aspects of Christian life … and life in general. So often when things go bad in life people are super open to pray, particularly prayer for what is going on for them personally. They can also be symbolic of the reality that there is a Creator, one who is above all things. The hands remind us that we need to be in communication with God, about the things going on in our lives. Not just the big things, but all things, including the little daily thing.

Jesus himself when asked by His disciples how to pray taught them the Lord’s Prayer. “Give us this day our daily bread …”. Daily and bread … how much more basic can you get. I see the hands and it reminds me to pray … to remember who is my Maker and who sustains me each and everyday.