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So we were on a bike ride down a local hike/bike trail and my brother-in-law found this monster caterpillar! It may not look crazy in the picture but it was pretty close to 4” long and super fat. Those crazy little dots on it were really bright yellow and red … we were sure that it had to be poisonous … so we only touched it with twigs, no bare hands.

After watching it for a while, we let it go again and started to wonder just what that thing would turn into. Apparently it is a variety of Tomato Moth or Hummingbird Moth … a large moth that is local to the area that we live in. They go into their cocoon for the winter and come out the next year to lay eggs and start the cycle over again. The moth is a pretty looking thing, but it is sort of creepy that a moth can be 4-5″ wide as it flies around.

I remember seeing one of those moths a few years ago … I was so confused … I thought a Hummingbird was flying around our outside light at midnight. Once I realized it was a moth I was both excited and repulsed! So many things around us we do not actually know that much about … keep your eyes open, you just might see something that is exciting, cool, gross and educational!