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Statistics and me … not two things that really go together. The question I am wrestling with lately is whether or not having a 1 in a 100 chance of something is good or bad. See I think about all the people who go out and buy lottery tickets. Now on the actual pick numbers and have them match I know that people are giving away money to have a 1 in a million chance to win a massive amount of cash. That to me is not really great odds … the chance of winning is really slim. I do not buy lottery tickets.

Scratch and win tickets are still a small amount of money, for the chance to win a larger amount of money. Generally the odd of those are much less that 1 in a million, but great that 1 in a 100. I am not one to think that those odds are all that great either … so I do not but scratch and win tickets.

In the past I can remember a time when I went to a harness racing track. In the process of the evening and to experience the intensity that a track has to offer I made a bet. It was on a trifecta … I had to call the first, second and third place horse … in order … before the race. So I tried it out … and my first and second place horses finished in a photo finish … the wrong way around. I would have won a huge amount of money, but I lost … but those odds were big, at least that is what the ticket counter guy said.

Recently I went to the doctor, a neurologist, about a new case of migraine headaches I am having. This doctor was super professional, very thoughtful and asked loads of questions. I now know that I have something called cluster headaches. They are super painful, very random … and somewhat rare in general (only.01% of people have them). Here come the statistics …

I am already 1 in 10000 because I have these headaches, and 1 in 100 men who have these headaches, have them because of a tumor. Now I am left with the question … is 1 in 100 a good stat or a bad stat for me? Some days I feel safe sure I will be one of the 99, other days I wonder, am I one of those horses in that photo finish. Until I get the MRI I am waiting for I guess I will not really know, looks like it is going to be a photo finish.