Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God, John Piper, Crossway, 2010, 222 pages.

In the book “Think”, John Piper states on page 20 that the purpose of his book is to “encourage serious, faithful, humble thinking that leads to the true knowledge of God, which leads to loving him, which overflows in loving others.” A strong and clear purpose … and one that Piper is able to fulfill completly in this book.

When I got into this book it was one that I did not want to put down, I just wanted to keep reading as each page was an encouragement and an assault on my study practices and the way that I assimilate knowledge and use my brain to progress what i know and learn about God. At the same time I desired to put the book down and really ponder how I function and process and think on if my process is one that honours God. It is not very often that I have both of these feeling at the same time!

I think almost everyone can do with the encouragement that this book offers, to search, to learn and study God. Not in a way to quantify and dissect, but to learn and embrace the living and breathing God of the universe! But as Piper stated, the genius of this book is that he does not stop at merely learning about God, but challenges the reader to turn the academics of learning into the heart action of loving God more and more. And the measuring stick for this … the way that we overflow the love we feel for and experience from God onto those around us.

Piper wrote another gem …it is pastoral, practical, academic, and simple … grab a copy, read it and be drawn deeper into learning about God, to love Him more and show that love to those around you.

Recommend – Highly Recommend, five of five stars!