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I posted this a while back … currently it is my number one viewed post all time, check it out!

Recently I received my copy of “While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks” by Dr. Timothy Laniak from Amazon.ca in the mail. I have been waiting for this book to get here. It is a fascinating 40 day devotional style books that outlines a year that Laniak spend in the Middle East with traditional shepherds.

One might ask why would he do that? To help us to understand the imagery of the Bible; specifically that of the shepherd, the flock, the specifics of how that comes to life. This was super interesting to me as a pastor. The three sections that the book is divided into are very helpful and much can be learned on how to better lead people as Laniak outlines the Provision, Protection, and Guidance.

As an ancient book, with present day true for us to understand, we must be willing to learn about the ancient ways of doing things.

PROVISION … I was struck with the firm statements that if the shepherd is not with the sheep everyday, then they are not fit to be called the shepherd. Tough words when the reality is this book is directed as a study for those who are leading the church. Am I with my flock enough? Do I lead and live in a way that allows me to earn the title shepherd?

PROTECTION … darkness, wolves, lions, dogs will threaten the flock. The shepherd has their rod and their lives and will use both to protect the flock. Do I really know when to use the rod? Do I really understand the way to lay out my life to protect those in my care?

GUIDANCE … the flock needs to be in the right places at the right times, so that they will do the things that they are naturally meant to do. The shepherds job is to lead them to that place, so that the flock can flourish in health and grow numbers. Am I learning the things that I need to know about leading so that my goal is the health and vitality of the church?

This book is a great little devotional number that I am going to be coming back to over and over. The leadership lessons in it are priceless, super specific to ministry and pastoral leadership, but priceless.