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We have a garden … it is causing us loads of problems. First, can anyone tell me how to have a garden that is perfectly maintained … with little or no effort? I mean weeding, how lame is that! How do you stop plants that you want to grow, from becoming out of control productive? We planted zucchini … I am not really sure I like zucchini, but we planted four little seeds. Now as you can see in the top picture the zucchini plants are massive (in places those plants are close to four feet tall!).

And as a massive plant goes, they are producing massive zucchini. We are getting four or five huge zucchini every couple of days. By massive I mean two or three feet long, and about as thick as a football … that is a lot of zucchini. I mean I like chocolate zucchini loaf … but there are limits!

Our sunflowers are seven feet tall and still growing, our tomatoes are wildly tall and heavy with fruit (are they fruit?), the carrots are long, and the pepper … oh the peppers are juicy and hot … but that is a different post!

Someone help me … what are some good thing to do with this zucchini … I fear I am going to get healthy if these things continue to grow!