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So I was sort of bored the other day (I mean after 8 or 9 super hot sun days in a row things start to get old around the pool!) and started to dig around at my in-laws place … and look what I found! It has been quite a long time since I have done any wood-turning … can you say junior high wood shop! Anyway I was so curious to know if it worked I dug it out and got it all setup in the yard. I found the chucks to connect the little block of wood and then came the moment of truth. I plugged the contraption in and it is a little loud but man does it spin.

So now the it was spinning I started in on playing with the lathe and started to make a crude version of a mug (at least that is what I told the kids that it is!). I am not sure what creations I am going to make but you can rest assured that if something fun, or interesting happens it will show up on here too!