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This is a short and sweet follow-up to my earlier blog on fishing … my 10-year-old son reeled this more than 12″ Rainbow Trout in. I am so proud! My 8-year-old daughter was the one most willing to hold it, touch it and she helped me put the string through the gills. My 5-year-old son, he was poking it all the time … he wanted to touch all the different fins, the tail, the gills … and that hole down in the bottom by the tail (well until I told him what it actually is!).

It was a good evening fishing … well worth the drive, the tangled lines, the mosquito bites and general inconveniences of getting to a mountain lake (or any lake) than has good fish in it! If you have kids, do yourself a favour … go fishing. It is a memory that every kid should have.