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The last little while we have been going out and doing a bit of fishing as a family. The area we live in has loads of fish around; brook trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, kokanee, salmon, carp, walleye, whitefish, catfish, yellow perch, and a few others. Now before you get to impressed with the fact that I know what is in the water … I really am not that successful at catching fish!

Most of the time I think guys invite me out to fish because it is encouraging to have someone along who can fish all day, surrounded by fish … fish that are being caught, and still not catch anything! Add to this the fact that I will get snagged badly at least once an outing and generally lose $5-$10 worth of tackle as well. Yeah, I am that guy,

Anyway back to the fishing, I was showing my 10, 8, and 5 year olds how to set up the rubber tadpoles and crayfish baits, when it happening. A little (about 5-6″ long) rainbow trout cam up and got hooked. I say got hooked because I really was not fishing … I was teaching my kids to fish! I know the saying; “Those who can’t, teach.”!

My 5-year-old reeled in his first fish, it was great. The little trout gave a pretty good fight, put on a good show, flopped about tremendously on the dock … and I must say give all my children the illusion that Dad might actually know what he is talking about. For that, I thank that little fish!

Oh … and the picture … really has nothing to do with fishing for trout! It is an wolf eel we saw once at an aquarium.