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Ok, I know that this is a bit of a strange post. Not often do you hear people exclaim that they love the public library … But I do! Here are my top ten reasons to love my local public library branch …

  1. They let me check out books, read them and return them … get this … for FREE! (Bet you did not se that one coming!)
  2. It is conveniently on my direct route to work … (not always true for everyone, but it is for me!)
  3. They loan movies … for FREE!
  4. They loan CD’s … for FREE!
  5. They have magazines that I like enough to read once in a while, but do not like enough to subscribe to … for FREE!
  6. They have great reading programs for my kids to be part of!
  7. You can search online and get books from other libraries, even hard to find books on obscure topics (not that I do that … OK I do)
  8. Computer workstations, big tables, wireless internet … AWESOME! Oh yeah and FREE!
  9. I go there very regularly and they actually can tell me if there are books there for  me, my wife, or any of my kids … without even looking! Yeah I am VERY REGULAR at the library!
  10. And the best reason to love the library … books smell good!

Go on an adventure, check out your local library!