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Every Single Man’s Battle, By Stephan Arterburn, Waterbook Press, 183 pages, 2005.

Without the earlier book that “Every Single Man’s Battle: Staying on the Path of Sexual Purity” jumps from, this book is a little on the weaker side. The reality is the “Every Man’s Battle” book is the basis and this book seeks to throw the spin of singleness into the mix. The coverage is still good and the purpose of this book is admirable.

Men in today’s society desperately need to face up to the threat to life that porn and a messed up view of sex that we all receive from media. This book does a good job of providing information, creating a way to interact with the information to increase the impact of the information. This is a book that full value will not be experienced unless it is done in an accountability group of some sort, as it appears the book was intended for.

All in all, a good book, well worth the price if you are a) a single male and b) struggle with sexual purity.

3.5 out of 5