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So sometimes things happen that we are not expecting. My wife and I got a lesson about this awhile back. So we where laying in bed, had just finished praying about an issue together, and well I went in for a cuddle, a simple hug.

I am not really all that sure what she thought I was going to do, but in a very abrupt and quick way she tried to make room for my hug. Normally not a problem, but remember, I was coming in for a hug. Her elbow smashed into the side of my nose and in Mike Tyson like style pushed right through the resistance my face offered.

Inside my head was like a fireworks show that was set to the music of a bass drum being pounded furiously. Flashing lights in a dark night was all I saw. Then came the sharp pain that accompanies a serious blow to the nose. My eyes watered a little, it felt like my nose had been knocked right off my face.

I reacted by holding my nose, checking for blood and basically whining like a small injured animal. My wife just lay in bed, totally still, not saying much other than “I am sorry.” That continued for several minutes I think (I was having a hard time staying awake despite the pounding headache I suddenly had … I hear that is a few symptoms of a mild concussion, interesting.).

The next day, my nose still hurts, it leans a little more to the left then it used too, my wife is still saying sorry quite often. But the reactions of that night are still on my mind. What is it that causes us as people to react the way we do. It is almost like we think that if we are just still and quiet no one will notice us and what just happened. Or sometimes people will get super talkative and seem to think that is they just talk, about anything, that the situation will be forgotten in the barrage of words. Still another reaction is the one to run, like we can get away from what just happened.

In the Bible we get to see many different reactions to unexpected situations. In Genesis when confronted by the fact they had disobeyed God, Adam and Eve hide. Moses when he murdered a man in Egypt ran away. Jonah tried to both run and hide. After the death of Jesus, the disciples scattered. And the list goes on and on and on.

If you have ever wondered why we act like we do, just read the Bible. It is full of characters that react to situations. Some react in ways to run from God, some react in ways to honor God. Many do both. But if you really want to understand human reactions and motivations, dig into God’s Word and learn from the people there … after all God wrote the Bible and created humans, He is the expert on us and why we do the thing we do!