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The Crescent Dunes by Steven Barclay (2010) Refractory Books, Paperback, 284 pages

Steven Barclay has in the book The Crescent Dunes created an awesomely detailed book about Egyptian culture and architecture. While spending the time needed to in great detail create the scenes, Barclay also does a pretty good job of writing a mystery as well.

We are introduced to Martin Colbrook, who is on a mission that takes him to Egypt. Through most of the book we are met with twists and turns that leave you guessing what exactly is going on, right to the last chapter! The characters are developed fairly well, enough to keep me interested in what was going to happen next as the plot continued to unfold and twist and turn.

I think this is a book that will resonate with those readers that want to be immersed in another place (Egypt) and those who like to be a little confused or guessing what the plot will do next as they read. All in all I think it is a pretty good book, that I would recommend giving a try.

3.5 stars out of 5