So living in the south Okanagan affords us with lots of stuff to do. There are wine tours, great fishing, biking, hiking, and lots to explore. One place that my family and I have enjoyed in Balancing Rock. As you can see in the picture above, it is a huge boulder (about 10′ tall) and sitting on a fairly steep slope. How it stays there I have no idea! It is cool for kids to see, and fun to climb on and around.

Just travel out of Oliver on the road that goes to the Baldy Mountain Ski resort. As you are driving keep your eyes open for the sign that is hung in a tree pointing into the woods that says “Balancing Rock”. It is just a short hike into the wood, maybe 5 minutes in total. Just look for the signs, the first time there we missed the sign and hiked for close to an hour before turning back!

What are some local sites in your area that people just need to see?