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So I am in the middle of a stretch that involves quite a lot of driving, for me anyway. In 15 days I will have travelled about 3750 kms! For my imperial friends that is about 2330 miles.  Now for some people, that will not be all that much driving, but I live 4 km from my place of work! So this is a very abnormal stretch of time for me.

The real problem to me is the missed chances for pictures. Yes I drove past this beautiful mountain, twice already. It is Mount Robson, and both times on this trip it was covers from tip to toe in clouds. As we were barreling down the road (without my camera) I was taunted by 15 black bears (may of which were sows with cubs!), a coyote, big horn sheep, elk, white tail and mule deer. It was down right painful to be on a schedule that did not allow for lots of stopping and to not have my camera with me!

So did I learn my lesson? I hope so, I am trying to put together a daily travel bag, and then get into the habit of having the camera with me. I know that if I go looking for a good wildlife picture they can be made, but sometimes the great ones come just because you are in the right place at the right time. Here is praying and hoping that on the second half of my crazy travel time, that I find the perfect picture … and have the gear and the time to take it!

How do you travel with your camera? What do you do (or don’t do) to get great pictures while you are traveling?