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Zoo are wonderful places to get some cool pictures. This one about is a big old Big Horn Sheep picture that is in my office. People come and ask me all the time where did I find such a beautiful sheep. It is usually a huge let down to them when I say, “The Calgary Zoo.” But that is the truth!

I have loads of great pictures of animals from zoos all over the place. The animals pose nicely and with a little effort on my part, it is not really all that hard to make the picture appear natural. With a little cropping the fences and other structures disappear, and then the eye is tricked. If you do not see fences, the mind assumes it is an animal in the wild!

My favorite is as my kids get older they are now trying to take pictures at the zoo the same way! It is fun to watch them try to figureout how to make the pictures look wild, and to teach them a bit about photography! Zoos really are a great place for families to go together, so much to see, do and talk about.

Where do you like to get your pictures from? Do you have a picture that “tricks” people into thinking you worked really hard to get it? Tell me about!