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My apologies for the earlier post … a draft copy got posted, guess I need to be much more careful what I schedule while on a bus trip with a youth group!

The Prophet:

As a prophet, Jesus Christ preached and taught the Scriptures with authority. In the role of a prophet generally we see leaders that are strong on vision, study, preaching, teaching, doctrinal truth, refuting error, and calling people to repent of sin.

The weakness of the prophet role can that they end up with a crowd that has gathered, yet may not effectively mobilize them into mission for God. Also the prophet leader can effectively share the Word, yet do it in a way that is cold, impersonal, legalistic and impractical. Despite these areas of danger, prophets do a wonderful job correcting doctrinal error and calling people to repent of sin and to obey Scripture.

The content of this post leans very heavily on the teaching of the folks in the following organizations: The Resurgence, The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God. Pastor Jamie Munson spoke on this topic awhile back … you can find the audio here: http://theresurgence.com/2010/12/13/prophet-priest-king