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Lots of times when the weather is nice the family and I head out for walks on a nearby hike and bike path. It is a super long, nicely paved path that runs along a river and crosses over several sloughs.

The other day we were walking and I was in the middle of the “keep your eyes open for cool sights” talk. Then my kids started jumping up and down with excitement and asked me how I missed it! “What?” I said, and then they pointed out this little, and I mean little, Painted Turtle. It was in the middle of the road, and was at least 10-15 yards (or meters, I am not really exact on it!) from any water.

This little guy had obviously hatched out of an egg and started the long climb up the bank and on to the road. He should have been going the other way! Long story short, we moved the little guy off the road and place him in the grass on the side of the bank. Hopefully he would find his way from there!

What sort of stuff do you look for, or see when you are out of walks? And yes that is my shoe, a men’s size 9.5 to give perspective.