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Just for the record … I have this weird sort of love hate relationships with snakes. I am not “afraid” of them, but I really do not want to touch them, hold them … but I love taking their pictures. Maybe it is the crazy amount of time I spend watching documentaries!

This little guy (OK, his head is the size of an adults hand!) was just lazing around in the leaf litter, just waiting for a meal to come along. Thankfully this Gaboon Viper was inside a cage, and was not able to strike me … word has it on the street they are the most poisonous snake in the world. No big deal … my wife’s family lived in Gabon for a while and had to actually deal with these and other snakes. Could you imagine finding that on your lawn one day … crazy!

He is a beautiful looking creature … to bad for them it is not normal for people to like snakes … do not believe me? Read Genesis 3:14-15.