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I have done quite a bit of travelling in my life. Driving is something that I love doing, so when a traffic sign comes along that I have NEVER seen before it is sort of weird! I found this sign on a road that is about an hour away from my home. I have travelled on it before, and this sign was not there last time.

So that leads me to question … did the badgers just move into the area? I did not know that we still had badgers in this area! I was pretty sure that between the wild coyotes and the roaming dogs that should be tied up or fenced it (another whole issue!) that badgers only lived way out in the middle of nowhere! Not so.

As I was driving past this very sign late one night I was talking with one of my passengers about how cool it would be to see a badger near the badger crossing sign. And almost at that same time as i said that phrase … a badger ran up out of the ditch and just sort of stood there for us to see. It was pretty cool … I had never seen a badger before, but then I had never found a badger crossing either!

Anyone know where I can find a Greater Prairie Chicken crossing?