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Where I live the spring weather bringing out the creepy crawlers … not a big deal if you do not live in our area! Every year we have the same reality … my children need to be reeducated on what spiders are dangerous, what snakes are dangerous. So my kids know that the shiny black spiders with the red hour-glass on them are not to be inspected to closely! And the snake that has the triangular head and diamond pattern on it back are not to be inspected either.

The reality is that we find several black widows a year, they love our basement and the one above was a particularly large one. The leg spread was a little larger than a quarter and as I moved it onto the table to take its picture the fangs were used on the pencil quite viciously and regularly!

The rattler below was pretty big for around here … more than three feet! But do not be alarmed, I did not touch it! There is a pane of glass between it and me, so I was much more brave than I normally would be. Thankfully I have not had to deal with a rattlesnake personally yet.

We also have ticks that drop out of the trees and burrow into your flesh for a meal. Oh and there are scorpions. Oh and the hornets here are huge. Anyway, we had lots of creepy crawler (and fliers) that live around us, what sort do you have?