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Secrets to Parenting your adult child, Nancy Williams, Bethany, 2011, 268 pages.

Nancy Williams takes her experience from counselling and life coaching and melds that nicely with her Christian faith and has created a book focused on a very specific stage of life. Parenting adult children is a newer phenomenal as the stage of adolescence continues to expand and get longer and longer. Children in their 20’s and 30’s are more inclined to turn to their own parents for help when tough situations arise. Williams has taken the theory and added a heavy dose of practical insight and suggestions for those that find themselves navigating these hard waters with their adult children.

Chapters covering things like coaching, boundaries, education, growing family trees and more are found in this book, while that packs an amazing amount of information into a small space. Personally this is a stage of life that I am not in as a parent, but I am in as an adult child. Having read this book, I have a long line of people that I come into contact with that I think could and will benefit from reading this work.

I recommend this book if you are in the stage of life that you have adult children, or you have children in their late teens. If you are outside of the reality of having adult children, then this book does not really hold too much for you!