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The other day I was fortunate enough to end up at the Brown Bridge Pub … and fantastic little place in the town of Princeton BC. The location is just off of the highway 3A that runs through town and the distinctive green building with yellow trim make the pub quite a nice place to look at. (I found a picture online as I did not have a camera with me that day!)Once through the front doors the atmosphere of the place is just about perfect for a pub. A huge stone fire-place in the corner and actually made me think that this would be a great place to come in the dead of winter. Add to that the place was super clean … even the washroom!

The place has several televisions and it looked like every seat had a pretty good view of at least one TV! The wait staff on the day that I was there was awesome. They were pleasant, friendly, had great memories for things that we talked about and orders over the 3 hours that I was there with a group of 16 other guys. They hustled and seemed to really care about the customers and the quality of service that they were providing.

On tap was a good selection of micro breweries and national and import beers and ales. The selections off of tap was equally excellent too! Then came the food. I actually had a hard time deciding what to order as every time I made up my mind something else came out of the kitchen and looked great! Being in a large group I was able to sample a good variety of foods, and they were all excellent. I had onion rings, fries, tzatziki and bread, a few different kinds of wings, and the main meal for me … a bridge burger.

All of the food was crazy good, I could have eaten all night long, but the burger, it was awesome! One of the best burgers I have got in a pub in a long time. Homemade patties, great toppings and a taste that had a nice kick of garlic that made me wish I lived closer! Not one guy in the group that I was with, and there was 16 of us was anything other that impressed with the food. That is a lot of mouths to potentially not please, but they pleased everyone with the quality and quantity of the food served. A great place and I will be stopping in as I drive the highway between the Okanagan and the Lower mainland of BC!

Brown Bridge Pub
265 Vermilion
Princeton, Canada