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A while back I was at a lecture where Mark Driscoll spoke about the roles that every person carries with them in their lives. My roles by his definition are as follows; #1 Christian, #2 Husband, #3 Father, and #4 Pastor (or whatever your vocation happens to be).

This has led to a ton of questions in my life. Do I really live life? Or do messed up priorities steal from what should be first? Am I doing the right things on a day-to-day basis? Am I letting others steal from me the richness and fullness of life as Christ wants me to have? Do I put the effort into life that deserves? Into each role that I am to be doing? Do I actually live out the roles in the priorities that they should be in?

Then comes along a beautiful post like this … I love my wife and I hope and pray one day that we can end up in a place that honors her the way this blog talks about! Check it out, a post about Pastor’s wives.


This is where the rubber hits the road for me, do I walk out the Christian, Husband, Father and Pastor roles in a way that honors my Saviour?