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Currently I am working through the Re:Train organization on a Masters of Missional Leadership. The story of getting into that program is a post in itself for a different time. Recently I was down in Seattle for a class on Pastoral Leadership. The class was co-taught by Mark Driscoll, Jamie Munson, and Tim Beltz. They had a ton of insight and good stuff to say, and the class was long days and many thing to think over. I needed an evening activity that did not stretch my brain.

I was hanging out at the Mars Hill Ballard campus and was offered the chance to join a painting crew for a night of service. I jumped at the opportunity. We were going to head over to the Mars Hill University campus and do some painting in a hallway on one of the upper floors. It is an awesome old building that the Mars Hill leadership has opened up on the edge of the University of Washington campus.

On the upper floor there are several large rooms being repurposed and used in many creative ways. On this night I was painting in the hallway as students came and went from a social night of Settlers of Catan and generally just hanging out. It was great to see community in action, to see the passion for life and excitement for just getting to together.

As I have been reflecting on that night something struck me. As one church passed a beautiful big old building on to another, a process of redeeming that build back to it original purpose began.

Redeeming a building to the original purpose, and redeeming relationships.

God delights in redeeming people!