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The amount of driving I currently do on a month to month basis is quite substantial. Particularly when you factor in that I am less than 5km one way from work. Yet in a given month I can get close to 1500km thanks to a monthly trip to taking a class in a Master’s program. I have not been stopped for speeding for something like 12 years.

Up until recently that was due to my systematic use of the blocker system. You find someone who is reckless enough to race out in front, then you follow at a safe distance, so they get the ticket and you do not. With my increase in driving I had to find a second vehicle to not strand my family when I was out-of-town. Enter cruise control into my life … and as I got lazy and left my tried and true system of the blocker … enter my first speeding ticket in a long, long time.

How did I get my ticket … I was lazy. I was travelling through an area that was a higher speed that came to a lower speed and a traffic light. The light was red, so I paused the cruise control, came to a stop and waited. Once the light turned green I pressed the gas, and then turned on the cruise and at that time I realized I was going to fast to soon


Now the question became do I wiggle and squirm, or do I just own the wrong I am caught with. I owned the wrong, I paid the ticket early, got a discount and stopped being lazy while I am driving. The question that has hung with me for a while now is …do we own the wrongs that we are guilty of in life? Or do we squirm and wiggle to get out of them on a technicality?

The Bible tells us that we are all guilty of sin, and that the result of that sin is death. The only way we have around this death is through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Do you wiggle and squirm to trying to be good enough, or do you rest your faith in the work of salvation that Jesus Christ has made for you? Check out this simple but true way of presenting what Christ has done for you, the Bridge.