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I read quite a lot, some for pleasure, most to learn. For work I am constantly learning and studying. Being in the middle of a year of Master’s level classes places me in the role of student. Because of these things I have a large assortment of books, and I am always looking for ways to organize them.

The other day, I hit pay dirt! Library Thing is an awesome site! You enter your books off of various online databases such as Amazon and it creates a searchable and sortable database of your library.

Now this may seem a little crazy but I love being able to sort into the Dewey Decimal System, this site lets me do it. I can find all the books that I have sort thematically. I  love it!

If you are a book person and want to have a site that give spot on recommendations, and creates an awesome database to track what books you have, then this is one of the best sites I have come across!