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My foot is messed up … I have a tendon that is not doing what it is designed to do. If I move my foot slightly to the side I have a sharp shooting pain running up the outside of my right leg. Basically the doctor told me that the tendon is sort of “popping” out of the place that it should be in and that is causing the pain I am experiencing. He also told me that I should not really be doing too much physically strenuous activity involving my feet.

So I asked if my 35+ soccer team practise the next day was ok … he said no. I know that I am not a finely tuned athlete. I am not overly durable. Somehow I think that it has to do with the age that I am. As I get closer to 40 I am noticing that I just do not recover very quickly. And I have this nagging idea in my head that I need to be in better shape, not to win the game or show case my skills. Rather I need to be in better shape so I can be around when my daughter needs to walk down the aisle (on a side note she is 8, so that is still like 50 years away if I get my way). Or when my sons have questions about their kids and how I dealt with things so well (ok that might be a stretch). Then there is every morning for the rest of her life that I want to wake up next to my wife (and I really would like to do that for a very long time if possible).

No soccer, running, weekend hiking with the family … time to just take it easy and at the same time I have this idea that I need to be/get healthier … more fit. Seriously, this means I may have to get some self-control and stop eating whatever I want. At least now it is a little easier. Every time I go to get up, my foot hurts a bit. When my foot hurts, I think, do I really need that __________? The easy answer is no, but that is because my foot hurts! I read once that if you do something for 21 days constantly it is a set pattern in your routine (check Dr Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics). Well I am to take it easy for a month … I guess it is time to break some really bad diet habits.