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Are you eating dry pine needles? Nice.

It started as a hike to see the Tundra Geese that winter on a local lake here. What we forgot was the cold snap caused the lake to freeze and the geese where in the far side of the lake, we could hardly see them. Oh and then there was the wind, the cold, biting wind. So after a short hike and quick look at the geese about a mile across the lake, we went for a drive!

Fortunately there is a Big Horn Sheep reserve not to far in the distance. We went up the gravel road and just when I thought we were not going to be seeing anything other than trees, rocks and dirt … there they were.

The whole herd was right in front of us. A big old ram was up on a rock watching over the others. Several sheep had high vantage points to protect the herd. And the rest just were wondering around, grazing and taking a look at the intruders in their day.

I love justing my kids close to animals in the wild. It is awesome to see them realize that the sheep right there in front of them are totally free and yet they are right there. My daughter was taking pictures and my youngest son was just so excited to see them. All in all it was a good shift from geese we could barely see to sheep that seemed like them might just jump into the car to get warm with us!