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I stood around the fish market for quite some time trying to get a good shot of the fish flying … either I am getting old or I developed ADD, but I kept missing it! Sometimes I was just to slow to react to the speed at which they throw those fish, other times I was just wrapped up in the buskers, hustle and bustle of the shoppers, the fish, the sights and the sounds of the market and would miss the big tosses. The fish is in this picture, the guy behind the counter is about to catch it. After several attempts this was the best I could do, but I am OK with it! I think it captures my memories well from that day wandering the Seattle core with some good friends! Sort of a blur, but a really good blur!

If you make it to Seattle, for sure check out Pike’s Place Fish Market … and the 10 to 20 blocks around it too! Lots of things to see, smell and experience!